What's Voyaki ?

Voyaki is an out and out exploration, discovering and living the moment kind of journey.
Voyaki is amazelust, it's a voyage you take for self-exploration, adventure, and learn new skills. Voyaki is travel personified.

Come, lets go on a VOYAKI !

Voyaki LehLadakh 2017


Voyaki Meghalaya 2017

Kesariya Balam aawo ni padharo mahare des ni..

Welcome To Maro Rangeelo Rajasthan


Land of Culture | Bravery | Sacrifice | History | Festivals


  • Bharatpur (Migratory Birds)
  • Jaipur (The Royalty)
  • Pushkar (Pilgrimage site, Lunch Break)
  • Udaipur (Venice of the east)

And How can we Forget

  • Delicious Rajasthani Food
  • -Dal Batti Churma
  • -Mawa Kachori
  • -Gatte Ki subji


1. What is the total price of The VOYAKI?

The price for The VOYAKI Rajasthan is 26,000 INR. Be assured, the price covers your stay, food, travel, snacks, activities during VOYAKI from Delhi to Delhi. A detailed schedule with all activities included would be posted soon. The price does not cover any of your personal expenses and laundries. The price is non-refundable in case you cancel the trip. However in the case of cancellation of the trip from our side, the total money would be refunded.

2. How are we travelling?

Our Own Private AC mini-Bus would be our travel companion.

3. Will you do any documentation? What all would you require?

Yes, not much, though. We would be requiring your details and for that, your passport size photograph and identification proofs like passport, aadhar card or ration card would suffice.

4. What about the food there?

Hey! HI5. We are foodies. We will make sure that you get best of whatever is being offered to you. Moreover, there would be food walks, cooking sessions, etc. We would ensure that we try as authentic local cuisines as possible. Also the food in Rajasthan spells Royalty. Its a paradise.

5. Can I carry my camera, my guitar, my mouth organ, and my books?

Oh! Why not? It would be amazing to come across an artist or creative person. Maybe you can teach cool stuff to other travellers.

6. So who can join the trip?

Well if you are any of the following, we welcome you:

  • Traveller (not a tourist)
  • Explorer
  • Foodie
  • Freethinkers
  • Openness to trying some crazy activities
  • Music and party lover
  • Entrepreneur by heart
  • Love meeting new people
  • Love experimenting new things

7. I can’t recall few of my questions. Can I contact you later as well?

No problem. Sure. Give us a call or send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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